About BCCI

Our Church

Trinity Anglican Church is a Kenyan American Church in Dallas in Texas, USA. We are a growing fellowship of disciples of Jesus Christ. We seek to be Christ centered, Bible focused, and mission minded. We exalt Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and the Bible is central to our teaching and service. In joyful obedience to Christ, we seek to proclaim the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, in word and deed, to a desperately needy world.

The Church started as a ministry in April 2003 and grew to be a Mission Church in April 2010. Trinity Anglican Church draws its membership from people of diverse backgrounds and experiences who are now united in Jesus Christ.

Our Church is a community of believers with profound Kenyan roots. We are therefore committed to encourage Kenyans to celebrate and share our Kenya-African cultural heritage and our distinctiveness with the larger American society. In doing so we acknowledge and celebrate God’s gift of diversity through language, song and dance.


OUr Faith

Trinity Anglican Church International is a Bible believing Church. We receive the word of God, contained in the scriptures of the Old and New Testament, as the supreme rule of faith and life. We affirm the fundamental doctrines of the catholic faith as expressed in the historic confessions of faith in the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed.

In particular we affirm:

  • The inspiration and authority of the scriptures (The Bible) as the word of God.
  • The existence of one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • The creation of the human race in the image of God.
  • The fall and resultant human depravity.
  • The deity of Christ, His incarnation, atoning death, and resurrection.
  • Salvation by the grace of God through faith by the power of the holy spirit.
  • One holy Christian church, the body of Christ.
  • The second coming of Jesus Christ and the consummation of all things.


It is the Mission of Trinity Church to worship and glorify God as we minister the Gospel through:

  • Witnessing and bringing people to Jesus and membership in His Family.
  • Serving one another, our Community, and the world.
  • Equipping our members for ministry

our mission

our worship

Worship in Trinity is a wonderful time when we offer praises to the Lord in Truth and in Spirit. Our worship is also a time of intercessory prayers where we minister for Salvation, healing and deliverance through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Praise and Worship is an integral part of the service every Sunday. The Lord moves and inhabits in the presence of the praises of his people. At Trinity we believe that, real praise and worship of the Lord, brings in a powerful Spiritual anointing that eases the preaching and ministry of the word of God.

We are also praying and open to new upcoming talents on music and instruments. You are welcome to join us and use your talent in our Church.
Come to trinity and worship with other brothers and sisters through African Tunes and Melodies.

Our Pastor

Rev. Jacob Ngobia Muiruri is the pioneer minister of Trinity Anglican Church in Dallas, Texas. The pastor serves at Trinity with his dedicated wife, Children and members of the Church in reaching out to African immigrants in Dallas/Fort-worth metroplex. The pastor is an ordained minister in the Anglican Church with more than 20 years in Christian ministry. Before coming to the USA, Rev. Ngobia was a Lecturer at St. Paul’s University, Limuru Kenya and at Church Army Theological College in Nairobi. He was called to be the provost and minister of St. Andrews Cathedral in the Diocese of Thika, where he served for several years.

The Pastor ministers and serves in fellowship and with the assistance of faithful brothers and sisters in Christ who are committed to the vision and ministry of Trinity Church. We are committed to a shared ministry of the Gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. It is all about Jesus!!

Please Pray and support the pastor and his family who has been called to minister at a time like this.