Women Ministry

Women's Fellowship

The Women fellowship at Trinity Church is purposed to help women to know and pursue their purpose in Christ. It is designed to strengthen, encourage and equip women in all facets of life. Whether one is a wife, a mom, a career woman or all of the above this ministry is designed to enrich one’s life and help her become all that God desires her to be! The ministry is also committed:

  • To see that every woman knows Christ personally and be committed to extending His kingdom in her life, home, church, community and the world.
  • To help every woman to live a life of love, respect and support of their husbands in the bond of peace.
  • In providing an opportunity for each woman to discern and exercise her gifts and Abilities to the glory of God in the total work and worship of the Church.
  • In offering an opportunity for every woman to respond to the gospel and to pray, Study the scriptures, fellowship, and serve the lord together with other women in Fellowship and love.